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Gates urges some of the world's top business leaders to get ready for the 'Third Stage' of the Internet

The circuit court said it is not only willing to hear the appeal, but will do so with all of its eligible judges (rather than the more common three-judge panel)

The Commission fears Microsoft will use the Telewest stake, acquired as part of the US$5 billion investment in ATT, to shut out competition for cable set-top and operations software

Police said they have no motive or suspects in the blast, which caused no injuries

Constructive change will be the result of increased economic and cultural interaction with the country, Gates believes

By evolving its TV platform to support voice, videoconferencing, and data, Microsoft hopes to sell high-end servers to telcos, cable companies, and satellite operators

Targeted at novice users, regardless of which Internet Access Provider they use, the client software is designed to compete with AOL on ease-of-use

The toolkit provides a wizard and library for turning COM/COM+ applications into SOAP-enabled Web services, and for building client applications that use the services

A tutorial explaining firewall and caching features often found in proxy servers

Describes the main elements of the BizTalk Framework--BizTalk document specification, SDK, and Schema Repository--and how they relate to BizTalk Server