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New capability will enable players of networked games to talk to remote opponents and partners during play

The new January 2000 Technology Preview version adds support for the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL)

A new Office 2000 registration policy will prevent a copy of Office 2000 from being installed beyond its license limits

The program gives semiconductor vendors (SVs) more flexibility when porting CE to their chips and will create more channels for semiconductor vendors to get the actual porting work done

Online stock traders in China may use a TV set-top box from Microsoft partner Legend Holdings

Explains how ClearLead, Microsoft's 'megaservice' for sales lead management, works

The bCentral small business services Web site has discontinued the pay-per-click component of its ClickTrade affiliate program, leaving in place advertising programs that pay affiliates by the lead or by the sale

Diagrams how affiliate Web sites and advertiser Web sites interact with Microsoft's data center

Among the small business services available at bCentral, Microsoft now offers a complete do-it-yourself package that enables businesses to set up and maintain a Web site

Summary of recent developments with MSN