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Overview of three COM+ Services most frequently used by developers: automatic transactions, queued components, and object pooling

Diagrams how Microsoft will transition to a fully managed application architecture where both application code as well as transaction, queuing, and other services are implemented using the CLR

Acknowledging that cable operators are not deploying advanced set-top boxes, Microsoft has created a new client for basic boxes centered on an improved electronic program guide

A future Windows version will support AMD's planned 64-bit CPUs--which are incompatible with Intel's existing 64-bit chips--forcing IT planners to evaluate both architectures

Within the next two years, customers will get Windows .NET Server and a service pack for Windows XP, but they still face uncertainty over what to deploy now

A brief description and expected availability date for Windows XP Service Pack 1, Windows XP Tablet, Windows XP Mira, Windows XP Freestyle, Windows .NET Server, and Longhorn

A newly posted software library offers developers a low-cost way to evaluate SQL Server with Java application server environments

Compares Microsoft's new JDBC Driver for SQL Server with the previous JDBC-ODBC bridge driver approach

Illustrates and explains the three layers of a large-scale Project 2002 configuration: user interface, application, and data layers

A screen shot of the Project 2002's 'Project Guide' user interface