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Explains BizTalk's role as an application integration technology

Explains the two major components of BizTalk Server--a messaging engine and an orchestration engine--and how they interact

Diagrams how BizTalk Server 2002's SEED Wizard significantly reduces the amount of developer effort required to set up a connection between two different applications (typically across organizational boundaries)

Diagrams how an organization might deploy BizTalk Server 2002 with Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) and Application Center

Windows .NET Server, the next release of Windows, will be delayed until the end of 2002 as Microsoft reviews the code base and improves development practices

Combining BizTalk Server 2002 with Application Center and Operations Manager makes it easier to design, deploy, and manage application integration

Sun Microsystems wants an injunction forcing Internet Explorer to support Sun's Java, plus damages and new penalties; Be, Inc., is citing new evidence of illegal activity

The DoJ and Microsoft make minor revisions to their settlement while the dissenting states suggest a new role for embedded versions of Windows

Microsoft settled a class-action suit over MSN Internet Access, was named in four patent infringement suits, and is suing to protect its Windows trademark

The newly formed Web Services Interoperability Organization shows the hopes companies have for Web services, but also highlights barriers to using Web services on a large scale