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Microsoft's XML 3.0 engine, which provides XML services for program components and scripting apps, consolidates eight different versions of MSXML 2.x

The SDK is for tool vendors and content publishers creating tools for outputting content in Microsoft's Reader file format

A summary of the two major goals Microsoft is trying to achieve with SQL Server 2000

This report summarizes the most important new features of SQL 2000 to aid planning of both operations and application development, and points out the impact of the product's new pricing and licensing scheme

Gives IT planners and developers a view of how SQL Server 2000 aims to improve performance, availability, and large-scale administration for all types of applications

Provides managers with an overview of how SQL Server pricing and licensing will affect the bottom line

New features in SQL 2000 that make it easier to write stored procedures and triggers (code that runs on the database server)

Summarizes two years' worth of scores on Transaction Processing Council's TPC-C orderentry benchmarks for SQL Server 7, SQL Server 2000, Oracle, and IBM DB2

Provides an example of how SQL Server 2000's Distributed Partitioned Views feature can be used to divide up database workload among multiple machines

Improvements to SQL Server 2000's replication capabilities simplify setup of new subscribers, simplify maintenance of publications, and make two-way replication more robust and flexible