SharePoint 2010 is Microsoft's strategic platform for corporate portals, document management, team collaboration, Web content management, enterprise search, and business intelligence (BI). Several factors complicate SharePoint licensing, such as the product line's four different tiers of functionality, each with its own licensing particularities, and how SharePoint pulls in several other products as prerequisites.

This report is designed for organizations that need to budget for SharePoint 2010, identify licensing options and choose between them, and assure license compliance. It provides an organized introduction for readers who are new to SharePoint 2010 licensing and serves as a quick reference for experts.

The report identifies the SharePoint Server, Windows Server, SQL Server, and Office licenses that are required to deploy SharePoint Foundation 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010 on-premises. It also explains the differences between the various SharePoint license types, the rules governing how licenses are assigned and used, and the trade-offs of buying the licenses through different Microsoft volume licensing programs.