Microsoft Product Roadmaps

Microsoft technologies never stop changing. Our roadmaps put critical facts about current and future versions of 100+ Microsoft enterprise products and services at your fingertips.

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Microsoft Licensing Training

Our intensive Microsoft Licensing Boot Camps and EA Negotiation Workshops give you the knowledge and understanding you need to optimize your Microsoft agreements.

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Microsoft Licensing                 Reference Set

A continually updated wiki of Microsoft product licensing rules lets you navigate the Microsoft licensing maze and zero in on answers to your questions with minimal effort.

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About Directions on Microsoft

Directions on Microsoft is an independent source of information for organizations that need clarity about Microsoft technologies, strategies, product roadmaps, and licensing policies. Our driving ethic is to provide actionable information that is clear, complete, and free of marketing hype. Learn More »

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Windows 10 Enterprise Licensing

Learn how Microsoft is compelling large organizations to move to a Windows 10 Enterprise subscription and hear advice on how best to license it.

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Microsoft Licensing Boot Camp

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Windows Server 2016 Licensing Guide

licensing_cover_msdn.jpg Windows Server 2016 may increase your Microsoft licensing costs. Find out how and what you can do about it.
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