Report by: Rob Horwitz

Posted: November 19, 2012

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Microsoft is raising the price of user-based licenses 15% for many server products. Listed are the major Client Access Licenses (CALs), Client Management Licenses (CMLs), Subscription Licenses (SLs), and CAL suites affected by the change. Volume licensing customers who buy through Select, Select Plus, Open Value Non Organization-Wide, and Open License will be affected starting Dec. 1, 2012. Enterprise Agreement (EA) customers (and in some cases Open Value Organization-Wide and Open Value Subscription customers) generally will not feel the impact until after their current contracts expire.

After Dec. 1, 2012, the per-device license fee for CALs and SLs—and the per-Operating System Environment (OSE) license fee for CMLs—won't change, but the per-user license fees will be 15% more expensive. (The one exception is the Project Server 2013 CAL; the per-device price will go up approximately 5% and the per-user price will increase by 20%).

Besides potentially impacting customers moving to the latest product versions—for example, the wave of products officially released Dec. 1, 2012, such as Exchange Server 2013—the per-user pricing changes can also impact customers wanting to expand deployments of earlier versions of affected products. This is because, in general, the only way for a customer to license an expansion of use of a noncurrent product version is to purchase licenses for the current version of the product and then exercise version-downgrade rights.

The most notable licenses unaffected by the per-user price change are SLs for the various Office 365 offerings and the SQL Server 2012 CAL. Other on-premises products not affected include Dynamics CRM 2011, Dynamics AX 2012, Duet for Office and SAP Server 1.5, Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2, and Forefront Unified Access Gateway 2010.

Product Per-User Licenses Subject to 15% Price Increase
Windows Server Windows Server 2012 CAL

Remote Desktop Services (RDS) 2012 CAL

Rights Management Services (RMS) 2012 CAL
Exchange Server Exchange Server 2013 Standard CAL

Exchange Server 2013 Enterprise CAL
SharePoint Server SharePoint Server 2013 Standard CAL

SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise CAL
Lync Server Lync Server 2013 Standard CAL

Lync Server 2013 Enterprise CAL

Lync Server 2013 Plus CAL
Project Server Project Server 2013 CAL (will increase by 20%)
Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012 CAL
Windows Multipoint Server Windows Multipoint Server 2012 CAL
System Center System Center 2012 Client Management Suite CML

System Center 2012 Configuration Manager CML

System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection SL
CAL Suites Core CAL Suite

Enterprise CAL Suite

Report by: Rob Horwitz

Posted: November 19, 2012

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