Optimize Microsoft Licensing

Best-in-class training, reference information, and advisory services equip you with the knowledge you need to minimize the cost and maximize the protections of your Microsoft licensing agreements.

Licensing Advisory Services

Leverage the expertise of Microsoft licensing veterans with these customized services:

  • Enterprise Agreement contract negotiation
  • Proactive Self-Audit or Audit Defense
  • Server Licensing Optimization
  • Authoritative answers to urgent questions

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Licensing Boot Camp (Training)

This intensive, 18+ hour course on Microsoft licensing policies and negotiation strategies is the most complete and up-to-date training available. It helps newcomers get up-to-speed quickly and old-timers to fill in gaps in their knowledge, including recent packaging and licensing rules changes.

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Licensing Reference Set

The hundreds of product entries, licensing terms, illustrations, and change timelines in this continually updated wiki (explore the wiki) let you navigate the Microsoft licensing maze to quickly zero in on answers to your Microsoft licensing questions.

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This is my second time coming to the training and it consistently brings me up to speed on the current licensing rules. This time around, I made sure to include my Sourcing Team as it helped us to get on the same page before our renewal.

~ Stephen A., Business Systems Analyst

Your licensing information and webinars are great. Crisp, detailed, and comprehensive. Far better than anything we get from our reseller or Microsoft.

~ Bernd R., Software Licensing Manager