Office 365 ProPlus offers simpler license compliance and lower upfront cost than Office 2016 Professional Plus, but less control over what is installed and potentially higher long-term licensing costs. With Office 2016 Professional Plus, some rights are delivered by Software Assurance (SA) added to the license.

Office 365 ProPlus Office 2016 Professional Plus
License model Per user Per device
License term Subscription Perpetual (except in subscription programs)
Activated installs on PC or Mac Up to five activated at a time One (and another on a portable in some cases if license was not purchased through an Enterprise Agreement)
Installs on mobile devices with editing activated Up to five phones and five tablets at a time None
Office Online and Office Online Server editing From any device while user's subscription license active From licensed device and single primary user's other devices while SA active
Rights to access Office on a server-based desktop From any device for licensed user From licensed device and some additional devices per Roaming Rights (requires active SA)
Downgrades Any supported prior version (currently all 2016-based) Any prior version
Bundled into Office 365 Enterprise E3 and E5; Microsoft 365 Enterprise (formerly SPE) Limited deployment rights in some Microsoft 365 Enterprise suite SKUs