Chart describes Windows 8.1 features likely to be of interest to organizations. Organizations will have to determine whether the features are of interest, and how best to evaluate them during the preview.

Feature Description
Workplace Join Administrators can grant access to corporate resources and enforce some corporate policy compliance for computers not joined to a Windows domain.
Work Folders Users and applications can synchronize data from a device to corporate-managed servers.
Open Mobile Association Device Management Support for OMA-DM API enable management of Windows 8.1 by third-party mobile device management agents.
Mobile Device Company Portal Device can enroll with Windows Intune through a company portal for access to applications, data, and device management.
NFC Tap-to-Pair Printing Mobile device can read a near-field communication (NFC) tag or label on printer to configure and print.
Wi-Fi Direct Printing Create a Wi-Fi peer-to-peer connection between a device and a printer to enable printing directly to it.
Native Miracast Wireless Display Wireless connection to displays and projectors using NFC and Miracast, a new standard for device to projector or monitor connections.
Improved Virtual Private Network (VPN) Support Increased support for third-party VPN clients, and ability for applications to automatically set up a VPN connection.
Mobile Broadband Support for data connections on embedded wireless radio.
Broadband Tethering Turn device into a Wi-Fi hotspot.
Remote Business Data Removal Corporate content on a device can be selectively marked, encrypted, and wiped.
Improved Biometrics End-to-end biometric authentication (sign in, remote access, User Account Control), common fingerprint enrollment.
Pervasive Device Encryption Device encryption previously found on Windows RT and Windows Phone available on all Windows editions.
Malware Resistance Defender can monitor network behavior to detect malware, and Internet Explorer 11 scans binary extensions before execution.
Assigned Access Enable a single application to be the only application that can run on a device (kiosks, exams).
Variable Snap-view Sizing Applications can be resized on the display with up to three applications at the same time.
Boot to Desktop Boot directly to the Windows (classic) desktop rather than the Start screen.
Desktop and Start Screen Better support for mouse and keyboard, and more tile variety.