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Update research digest for January 2023.

This poster shows the major Microsoft product retirements coming starting in 2023, leaving organizations needing to consider replacement technologies as soon as possible. 

SQL Server 2022 can use Azure Active Directory authentication directly, supporting new forms of authentication and removing dependencies on Windows domain controllers.

Power BI Pro supports paginated reports, providing the same report features (and limitations) as the pricier Power BI Premium platforms, removing a barrier to adopting the service.

Premium SSD v2 disks, announced in Oct. 2022, offer higher and more flexible performance and easier provisioning than Premium SSD disks but share many of the limitations of Ultra SSD disks.

Terms of a Data A misconfigured endpoint in the Microsoft cloud potentially exposed some customer data.

Choosing the right Power BI platform requires evaluating supported report formats and their limitations on each platform.

Chart shows the limits and supported Power BI platforms for the three report formats: Power BI, Excel, and Paginated reports.

SQL Server 2022 performance updates can help automate query tuning and improve throughput in most scenarios, although some require rearchitecting deployments and new hardware.

Azure Database for PostgreSQL Hyperscale gets a new name and moves to Cosmos DB with minimal impact; however, it lacks Cosmos DB’s data and security sharing advantages.