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Roadmap entry for Managed Instance for Cassandra a cloud service supporting current community editions of Apace Cassandra.

Roadmap for Azure HDInsight, a multipurpose Hadoop platform, similar to an on-premises deployment.

Tags: HDInsight

Azure Confidential Ledger is a PaaS offering that provides consortium blockchain ledgers for controlling the logging, validating, and sharing of sensitive transactions

Roadmap for Cache for Redis, an in-memory caching service that stores copies of application data on multiple servers, providing fast, scalable access to data by Web applications.

Roadmap for Azure Data Factory, a hosted extract, transform, and load (ETL) service.

Roadmap for Azure Database Migration Service, a managed service that helps customers migrate databases to Azure-based destinations.

Roadmap for Azure SQL Data Sync, a hosted hub service for data synchronization across multiple databases.

Azure Data Share automates the copying of static data sets to help organizations share data stored in Azure with other Azure customers.

Roadmap for Azure Analysis Services, a Microsoft-hosted analytics service based on SQL Server Analysis Services that provides business intelligence (BI) semantic modeling.

Roadmap for Azure Synapse Analytics (previously SQL Data Warehouse), a multipurpose analytics and data warehouse service designed for organizations with SQL Server and Apache Spark skills.