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Dan'l Lewin hired to promote Microsoft technology to Silcon Valley software developers, start-ups, and venture capitalists

Microsoft, GE, & home automation company SMART form a new company to sell home networking solutions to homebuilders and, eventually, consumers

The toolkits allow developers working in the Visual Studio 6.0 development environment to produce new Web services or to convert existing COM applications into Web services

A short primer on Web services acronyms and terms including Simple Object AccessProtocol (SOAP), Web Services Description Language (WSDL), Universal Discovery, Description and Integration (UDDI) registry service, Discovery Of Web Services (DISCO) protocol, and Remote ObjectProxy Engine (ROPE)

Illustrates how a purchase order submitted by one organization to another, a classic application of BizTalk Server, would be processed by BizTalk Messaging and the BizTalk Orchestration Services

Illustrates how a Web service-style interaction works between a COM-based Web service and a COM-based client application

Though sketchy on technical details, Microsoft says it will provide tools and services for moving Java programs to the .NET Framework by the end of the year

Partnerships with several hardware manufacturers increase the likelihood that new election tabulation systems will include Microsoft software

A high-profile announcement of UltimateTV and a host of other initiatives show that Microsoft is taking enhanced TV seriously as a potential future revenue stream

An overview of the client- and server-based components in the WebTV and Microsoft TV enhanced TV platforms