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Two kits for developers & DB administrators, the SQL Server XML View Mapper 1.0 and the SQL 2000 XML Web Release 1 Beta 2, build on SQL 2000's existing XML Support

Q2 set new records for revenue and income, although results were tempered by a drop in income from investments

Compares key financial measurements for the second quarter of fiscal year 2000 through the second quarter of fiscal 2001

A comparison between second quarter revenues for fiscal year 2001 and 2000 by product line

DoJ and 19 states defend Judge Jackson's comments made outside the courtroom; MS competitors hire Ken Starr; 38 private class-action antitrust suits dismissed

Crossgain temporarily dismisses 20 of its 80 employees because of non-compete agreements they signed with Microsoft

The AOL Time Warner merger creates a powerful competitor for Microsoft in the broadband Internet access, media content, and instant messaging markets

Visual Studio for Applications (VSA) will allow developers to add a .NET scripting engine to a software package and expose the package's internal functions via an object model

A new tool converts XML schemas from XDR, an older proprietary format, to XSD, a format proposed by the W3C as an industry standard

The new Windows 2000 Device Driver Kit can be used to build nearly all types of drivers for all versions of Windows 2000 (including SP1) and Windows Me