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Compares and contrasts AOL Time Warner's and Microsoft's relative advantages and how they might impact competition

Winstar, an ASP and wireless ISP, will resell bCentral services along side its existing offerings of Internet connectivity, phone service, and hosted business software

LEGO will provide child-friendly games for XBox, offer content on MSN, and adopt Passport and .NET technologies for its web site

Material from an NT4-vintage Internet-focused certification now permeates the new Win2000 certifications and material from an old Site-Building certification deals with outdated products

New Encarta software, expected in April, adds collaboration & task tracking capabilities and learning resources such as book excerpts, quizzes, and reading assignments

In an effort to promote wider use of its Web development tools, Microsoft has temporarily cut the price of Office Premium to small volume-licensing customers

Server-based code called the .NET Mobile Web SDK lets developers create applications accessible from a variety of Microsoft and non-MS microbrowser-capable wireless devices

Facing a sharp rise in employee attrition, Microsoft is taking unusual steps to keep its workers around

List the slightly different sets of 1993-2000 attrition statistics Microsoft has provided at the July 1998, 1999, and 2000 Financial Analyst meetings, as well as industry-wide statistics by the Saratoga Institute and Hewitt Associates

This cumulative service pack fixes 250 bugs, some serious, but introduces its own bug that requires a hotfix to correct