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Microsoft is swapping out UNIX machines and replacing them with Windows 2000 servers; the migration should be completed in the fall

MSN Messenger 3.0 lets users in the U.S. and Canada make free PC-to-phone calls anywhere within North America; users worldwide can make free PC-to-PC calls

Current MSN Internet Access service customers will be transferred to a subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone by the end of the year

Microsoft's Partner Solutions Center is where Microsoft tests its products in complex environments, with the help of large hardware and software companies and alliance partners

Windows Me will be available Sept. 14 2000 at a promotional price, but with little other fanfare

Microsoft handed out awards for its top solution partners at the Fusion 2000 event

European regulators, echoing some of the same arguments that the U.S. DoJ has used against Microsoft, say Microsoft may have violated European competition laws

Employee attrition rose last fiscal year, but still remains at about half the industry average

Comments by Steve Ballmer made at the July 27, 2000 Financial Analyst Meeting

The repurchase program, suspended after the Dec 1999 Visio acquisition in accordance with SEC rules, is resuming