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The latest version of Exchange relies heavily upon Microsoft's WWS Web server for WebDAV support, all its protocol processing, and for some of the performance improvement in the latest version of Outlook Web Access

An overview of the Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV), a protocol that allows users to access and share Web documents as if they were on a local file server

How Exchange 2000 enables customers to construct a 'virtual server' composed of multiple machines that appears to the user to be a single, very large, high-availability system

Architecture diagram for an Exchange 2000 virtual server which partitions core services--such as directory, protocol, and storage--so that each can run on separate, or if need be, multiple machines

Overview of Microsoft's solution for providing Exchange Server 2000-based e-mail and calendar information via a Web browser

A comparison of a typical client/server e-mail system using a smart client vs. one using Outlook Web Access (OWA)

The Web application server architecture is a viable platform for many distributed enterprise applications

List of factors that may impede Exchange 2000 implementations

List of resources associated with Exchange 2000 and Outlook Web Access

Developed from its DealerPoint car sales application, the new service is a sales lead management tool for small businesses; it enables automated tracking of contacts and interactions with customers throughout the sales process