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Microsoft invested US$50 million in Gilat-To-Home, a satellite-based Internet access service

Microsoft recently invested in two companies that host Web sites using Microsoft products

Microsoft invested in ITRAN Communications, a manufacturer of power-line network hardware that enables PCs and devices to network by plugging into electric power outlets

45-page paper describes various ways that complex multi-machine Web sites can be constructed within Microsoft's Windows Distributed interNet Applications (DNA) framework

Dramatically more demanding than previous Windows logo programs, this one aims to improve the reliability of Windows 2000 by running all candidate applications through a set of rigorous certification tests

Developers can now download version 2 of the BizTalk Jumpstart Toolkit

Microsoft Systems Journal (MSJ) and the Microsoft Internet Developer (MIND) magazines merged into MSDN Magazine

New capability will enable players of networked games to talk to remote opponents and partners during play

The new January 2000 Technology Preview version adds support for the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL)

A new Office 2000 registration policy will prevent a copy of Office 2000 from being installed beyond its license limits