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An individual’s Microsoft account is being linked to their work Azure Active Directory accounts by default to facilitate their quest for Microsoft Rewards.

The Bookings scheduling service is shutting down its original Web interface and its iOS and Android mobile apps in favor of a new Bookings Web client that was launched in 2021.

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Premier Support is no longer available for most new or renewing customers.

Chart explains changes to Unified Support pricing starting in Feb. 2023

While Azure Percept, a Microsoft first-party edge device, is still advertised, its development kit (DK) will be retired in 2023.

Azure Elastic SAN, in preview, offers managed iSCSI-connected storage for Azure VMs with configurable performance and capacity.

Microsoft’s homegrown Linux distribution, Mariner, is increasingly being adopted across the Azure and edge portfolio.

Enhancements to Microsoft Purview Audit search improve usability and add batch capabilities.

Retirements of Azure elements have recently been announced in larger than usual batches, and customers must track the impact of these on their deployments.

Chart shows batches of Azure retirements that recently have been announced.