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Client software for for the older Project line.

Roadmap for Viva Engage, a social connections module of the Viva suite that will replace Yammer.

Microsoft's discussions of its internal Azure cost optimization efforts could help customers create and adjust strategies to reduce unnecessary spending.

Sidebar highlights factors and details not discussed in Microsoft’s internal Azure cost optimization studies.

Scale Units, a Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management distributed processing feature is suspended and not accepting new customers; Microsoft plans to rearchitect the offering but no timeline has been announced.

Roadmap for Exchange Online, a Microsoft-hosted messaging and collaboration service that shares technology with the Exchange Server software.

Roadmap for Visio software, which enables users to create and share business and technical diagrams.

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Roadmap for Outlook, Microsoft’s line of client applications for Exchange Online and Exchange Server.

Roadmap for the Microsoft Purview Compliance Center portal.