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The chart compares Microsoft’s on-premises and hosted database management offerings, their query languages, and the data types they support.

SQL Server remains Microsoft’s preferred structured data technology; however, several open-source Azure services now compete with SQL Server, and one is available on-premises.

A new AI dashboard, in preview, can help organizations understand potential errors and bias in their models.

Sidebar explains how bias can creep into AI-enabled applications.

Although Microsoft upgraded 190,000 devices to Windows 11, it failed to disclose important information that would provide real context.

To accomplish the upgrade, Microsoft used a variety of its products and services during the various phases.

Microsoft upgraded 190,000 devices to Windows 11 in five weeks. What can organizations learn from Microsoft’s internal rollout?

Organizations should configure a landing zone architecture before deploying application and data workloads to Azure, and Microsoft guidance and tools can help with the process.

Illustration shows the Azure Landing Zone conceptual architecture from Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework.

Chart lists Azure deployment-related offerings and Directions on Microsoft's forecast of future Microsoft investment in each format.