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Roadmap for Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps (formerly Microsoft Cloud App Security [MCAS]), which is a Microsoft-hosted service that is part of the Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) suite of hosted services. It is designed to help customers discover how third-party cloud applications are being used within their business and potentially control cloud application usage. A reduced functionality edition of the service, Office 365 CAS, is available with premium-tier subscriptions to Office 365.

Although Microsoft has published information on how to install Windows 11 on unsupported hardware, doing so creates substantial risk for an organization.

This kit collects recent Directions on Microsoft reports covering Microsoft’s server OS offerings, data-center management offerings, and developments in licensing and support of Windows Server, Azure Stack HCI, and Windows Server Azure edition.

A set of PowerShell commands that enable migration from the original (classic) Azure Virtual Desktop to ARM-based Azure Virtual Desktop are now generally available, which could aid in migrating existing deployments off the legacy version of the service.

Shutdowns and support retirements of many Exchange Online technologies.

New Macs are being released with Apple’s custom ARM processors and not Intel processors. This has ramifications on running Windows locally on these devices.

This Roadmap provides an overview of the components of Microsoft 365 and their likely evolution. The report focuses on services and software delivered by the Office 365 Enterprise and EMS subscription plans, and related services.

All organizations must be running Windows 11 by Oct. 14, 2025—having a plan to get there may eliminate last-minute deployment panic.

Illustration shows key dates and a potential view of migration from Windows 10 to Windows 11.

Chart summarizes Teams-related compliance, management, and security capabilities included with and available for Microsoft 365 Enterprise F1, F3, E3, and E5 plans.

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