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Chart explains three options for an EA customer to license Windows Server Datacenter edition for an Azure Stack HCI host.
Include aspect that I have licenses in the back office so save even more.

Sidebar explains high-level licensing requirements to run Windows Server in VMs, regardless of host hypervisor.

This kit accompanies the March 2022 security service roadmap webinar.

Roadmap entry for Managed Instance for Cassandra a cloud service supporting current community editions of Apace Cassandra.

Lifecycle timelines for versions of PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MariaDB services.

Illustration shows screenshots of Logic Apps run histories and Azure Monitor reports.

Illustration shows a screenshot of the Logic Apps workflow designer hosted in the Azure portal and in Visual Studio Code.

Sidebar provides an overview of workflow concepts.

Report, first in a series of three, describes Logic Apps as a workflow service.

Azure Container Apps provide a serverless method for deploying Kubernetes clusters and applications.