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Chart shows the Microsoft 365 and other services that are accessible from the Microsoft Graph API.

Microsoft Graph provides interfaces for programming, search data import, and data export for analysis.

System Center 2019 UR4 brings new guest OS support and few new features, but System Center 2022 is still needed for managing newer host OS versions from Microsoft and VMware.

Update research digest for August 2022.

Screenshots show how Microsoft’s AI Dashboard, in preview, can help identify potential errors and risk items in training data and models.

Sidebar explains how bias can creep into AI-enabled applications.

A new AI dashboard, in preview, can help organizations understand potential errors and bias in their models.

The Azure Deployment Environments service helps development teams repeatably provision Azure resources to host Azure applications for development, testing, and production use.

Illustration shows support status for Exchange Server’s current and likely future versions.

Exchange Server’s next and possibly last version will not appear until 2025.