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Explains the three component models supported by Windows .NET Server as well as COM+ and Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ), two Windows services that help develop and manage middle-tier components

Low sales spell the end of the line for Great Plains Siebel Front Office, a co-branded version of Siebel's customer relationship management software for mid-size businesses

SQL Server Notification Services, an add-on that enables applications to notify users of events that interest them, is now available for download

Computer manufacturers are trying alternatives to bundling Microsoft products with their systems

Seeing how difficult and expensive it is to create and operate hosted services, Microsoft is refocusing on its core business: selling software

Confusing terms in Supplemental EULAs imply that customers must choose between accepting restrictions they may not understand or living with security bugs

Several End User License Agreement (EULA) clauses encountered when bringing Windows 2000 Professional up-to-date with available service packs and security patches appear to make substantial changes to the original operating system product EULA

Chart lists in alphabetical order some examples of hosted servicesthat Microsoft has launched or proposed and describes their current status

MSN Wallet will replace Passport Express Purchase, but only MSN merchant partners will be able to implement it on their sites

Office appears to be hitting a sales plateau, but Microsoft can't let it languish; new tactics and products aim to build a bigger and smarter desktop