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The new group has been formed to bring marketing efforts aimed at information workers, the company's new term for knowledge workers, under one roof

The next three updates of Visual Studio are timed to coincide with the releases of Windows .NET Server, SQL Server, and the planned 'Longhorn' version of Windows

A list of service packs that Microsoft recommends for key developer tools as of Sept. 1, 2002

Microsoft product code names often come from cities, mountains, andother geographic locations; map shows three such locations and Redmond, WA, Microsoft’s corporate headquarters near Seattle

As Microsoft reveals new details about how it counts unearned revenue, partners and investors should pay attention lest they make important decisions based on incomplete or inaccurate information

Two charts show how unearned revenue affects the analysis of two representative segments of Microsoft's business

The second service pack (SP2) for Office XP will be required by future fixes to Office XP, and it can only be applied to systems already running SP1

Facing pressure from customers to improve the security of its products, Microsoft is using a new strategy to address each product's security by design, default, and deployment

Mac OS X users will be able to get MSN Internet Access and new MSN client software in early 2003; the move supports Microsoft's partnerships with broadband ISPs

Explains the basic collaboration, complexity, and cost issues addressed by Content Management systems, which are used to manage complex Web sites