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Developers of Content Management Server (CMS) sites must create templates, which are then used to automatically generate Web pages from content data stored in the CMS database

Content Manager Server's Authoring Connector extension to Office XP's Word program allows authorized content creators to build content in Word, then launch a wizard that ships the content, including formatting, to the CMS database and into the publishing workflow

Visio Enterprise Network Tools has been discontinued, but some features will be included in future Visio and network management products, and the associated Web site will remain live

Windows 2000 SP3 includes security fixes resulting from Microsoft's security review of Windows but also substantially (and irreversibly) updates some important Windows services and utilities

(Screen shot) Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 adds Automatic Updates to the Control Panel, which allows users to configure their system to automatically get updates from either Microsoft's Windows Update site or a corporate (in-house) Software Update Service site

Three new programs for Windows .NET Server will help customers and partners evaluate the product and verify that it will work with their applications

Windows CE .NET has gained support for a strategic future Internet protocol and many desktop file formats, but it still doesn't include a final version of the .NET Compact Framework

VS.NET helps architects streamline development & standardize practices by building reusable templates and policies, but the product lags competitors in the area of source code control

The .NET Architecture Center Web site on MSDN aims to serve enterprise architects with information on technology roadmaps and best-design patterns for Microsoft's development platform

An example use of the Template Description Language (TDL), an XML-based language that allows software architects to define project policies within Visual Studio