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Linux is causing a great deal of concern among Microsoft’s senior executives, especially with respect to the embedded and server markets

Controversy surrounding Smart Tags, which add hyperlinks to a Web page without a page owner’s knowledge or permission, cause Microsoft to remove the feature from IE 6.0

A brief overview of what's in a typical Linux distribution such as Red Hat Linux Server version 7.1

A picture of what the Directions on Microsoft home page would look like with Smart Tags, a feature originally planned for IE 6.0 but later canceled

.NET wireless controls originally released as the .NET Mobile SDK Beta 1 have been enhanced and re-released as the Mobile Internet Toolkit Beta 2

Web pages generated from Visio 2002 diagrams can optionally include a frame that displays custom properties of the objects in the diagram

A new Format Picture tool in Visio 2002 enables users to enhance imported digital photos and other bit-mapped graphics

The Visio Enterprise Network Tools include a new stencil for documenting Exchange 2000 configurations

Minor updates posted for Office XP deliver new help files for the products and migration tools for Office 2000 users

Microsoft Exchange Conference to take place Sep. 30–Oct. 4 2001 in Orlando, FL.; conferences in Japan & France to follow