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Illustrations MapPoint 2002's ability to plot data on a map--in this case, countries where Directions on Microsoft has customers--via "pushpins"

Illustrations MapPoint 2002's ability to determine the quickest driving route between two points and superimpose the route over a driving map

Publisher 2002, just released, offers better color support and enhanced integration with Office

Visio 2002 delivers numerous Office-like user interface and deployment features, including as-you-type spell check and "self-repairing" installations

Though moving slowly at the moment, Microsoft’s shift to annual payments for software and services is underway and likely to accelerate

A summary of the three different forms of subscription licenses and the benefits (e.g., support, upgrades, etc.) they include

A comparison of a subscription model vs. the existing pricing model reveals that subscriptions may prove to be significantly more profitable for Microsoft

This release further strengthens Microsoft’s efforts to bring geographic information system technology to ordinary business users

AT&T delays deployment of new set-tops based on the Microsoft TV platform, opting instead to offer a less ambitious set of enhanced TV services on existing set-tops

James Cash, Jr., a Harvard Business School professor and organizational consultant, becomes the eighth member of Microsoft's board of directors