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Microsoft continues to promote its digital dashboard architecture for corporate portals, but major pieces of that architecture will be replaced between now and 2003

IE 6 offers improved support for Internet standards and personal privacy, but many of its most innovative features proved too controversial to ship

Illustrates the somewhat cryptic warning message IE 6.0 displays when a site does not conform to the privacy policy settings the user has configured in the browser

The Media bar in IE 6.0 makes it easier to search for and play music, video, or multimedia files without having to first launch Media Player

This new site consolidates information necessary to create data recovery and disaster recovery plans and, in the worst case, to help guide recovery operations

This new US$159 MS hardware product plugs into a TV set's RCA port and allows viewing of digital images on a television

By providing MSN content and services to smaller broadband providers, MS gains a larger audience for future fee-based services that require lots of bandwidth

As the heart of Microsoft’s .NET vision, the .NET Framework is Microsoft’s blueprint for future application development

In an effort to promote its e-commerce servers (including SQL Server), Microsoft is incorporating partner products built on these servers into the Great Plains product line

Illustrates how managed code for the .NET Framework is developed (i.e., compiled into intermediate language code, packaged into an Assembly) and executed (i.e., loaded, verified, compiled into native code