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A graphical depiction of Class Libraries, which provide common functions (called classes) such as data type conversions and event handlers to all .NET Framework applications

Though parts of the .NET Framework have been submitted to an international standards group, the extent to which applications written to the .NET Framework will be portability to non-Windows operating systems is an open issue

DoJ won't seek a breakup, pursue a claim that MS illegally tied IE to Windows, nor seek an injunction against Windows XP; the EC expands its separate antitrust investigation

For US$12.95 per year, Hotmail users can expand their maximum storage space to 10MB (first 2MB is free)

The public beta gives system builders an embedded OS built on Windows XP Professional that is far more componentized and configurable than its NT4-based predecessor

New Automation interfaces allow VB, VB for Applications, and Windows scripting languages to incorporate speech recognition and synthesis capabilities

Examines what types of information Passport and participating sites could conceivably collect about users, given the current Passport 2.0 architecture

A close look at Passport's eight step authentication processes

A step-by-step look at the Passport Express Purchase process, which allows users to share their Wallet information with third-party Web sites

Explains how Passport coordinates the deletion of cookies associated with authentication when a user elects to terminate a Passport session