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Diagrams Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0's main components--including an HTTP Listener, Worker processes, Web Administration Service, XML metabase, and the IIS Admin Service--and how they interact

Diagram's IIS 6.0's 'IIS 5 Isolation Mode,' which provides backward compatibility for applications that rely on a specific behavior of IIS 5.0, such as applications that use ISAPI filters to read raw HTTP requests

Screen shot of IIS 6.0's Web Services Extensions (Lockdown Wizard) which allows an administrator to selectively enable features on an IIS 6.0 server

Updates to Office and MSN Messenger underscore Microsoft's commitment to the Macintosh platform, although both versions lag behind their Windows counterparts in terms of features

To end a three-year investigation, Microsoft agreed not to use certain accounting practices that may have allowed it to smooth its quarterly earnings between fiscal years 1995 and 1998

The acquisition of Sales Management Systems will help Great Plains serve retailers and eventually link them with their distributors and manufacturers

Microsoft's .NET Alert Service can act as a transport for SQL Server Notification Service (SSNS), routing notifications generated by SSNS to users according to their preferences and their presence information

Diagrams the architecture of a SQL Server 2000 add-on, expected to ship in the summer of 2002, which sends brief text messages to users when important events occur

A plan to support 'keyword' technology no longer fits in with Microsoft's plans for MSN Search

Organizations can boost customer loyalty or improve productivity by creating notification services with the same technology that MSN uses to deliver alerts to its users