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Agility & reliability are two competing goals; redundancy eliminates single points of failure, but the complexity it implies works against reliability in other ways; a high-available system that depends on the Internet is largely an oxymoron

Datacenter systems with Exchange 2000 will be available later this summer

A buffer overflow bug in all versions of Windows 2000 makes it possible for a hacker to take full control of the machine

The reorganization puts 4,000 consultants and 9,000 support personnel under VP Robert McDowell

Microsoft and its top competitor in the On-Line Analytic Processing market jointly publish an XML- and SOAP-based data access interface specification

NT4 SP7 plans canceled in favor of a "security update" that consolidates all post-SP6a security-related hot fixes

The merger of the two financial Web sites offers cost savings for NBC, and additional content and cable TV promotional opportunities for Microsoft

bCentral hopes to broaden its customer base by offering custom Web site design services to small business

The new on-line tool makes it easier for IT professionals to quickly identify the set of security patches relevant to a particular system configuration

Lists the applications included in each of the six different Office XP packages