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The DoJ and Microsoft make minor revisions to their settlement while the dissenting states suggest a new role for embedded versions of Windows

Microsoft settled a class-action suit over MSN Internet Access, was named in four patent infringement suits, and is suing to protect its Windows trademark

Combining BizTalk Server 2002 with Application Center and Operations Manager makes it easier to design, deploy, and manage application integration

Microsoft is making Visual Studio .NET a platform for third-party vendors by giving them access to the same interfaces Microsoft itself uses to build its own tools

SR1 fixes bugs and enables users to check documents in or out from SharePoint Portal Services folders; the viewer allows PCs without Visio to view Visio files via a browser

The federated model for .NET My Services will allow users to access their data from a common set of Web sites and applications without requiring them to store their data with Microsoft

Microsoft will make Windows source code available to about 150 systems integrators; the new program is primarily intended to help systems integrators debug their Windows programs

A description of Microsoft's main mechanism for sharing source code with certain customers and partners, officially rolled out in Oct. 2001

Microsoft is backing off its original plan to be the primary host for users' data and will instead sell a server product for organizations to host their own Web-connected databases

A new US$200 million advertising campaign (covering television, print, and Web sites) stresses that .NET provides rapid solutions to major business problems