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An overview of the three main types of Pocket PC (PPC) 2002 devices: standard, specialized, and cell-phone integrated

An overview of new features added to Mobile Information Server 2002, such as offline capabilities

A photograph of a device produced by Symbol that incorporates the Pocket PC 2002 platform into a'ruggedized' housing

Explains the five core applications that comprise Commerce Server

The Microsoft Solution for Internet Business (MSIB) bundles Microsoft server applications into a solution for high-end business Web sites

The first service pack for the SQL Server 2000 Windows CE Edition database engine fixes bugs and makes the engine compatible with development tools for the Pocket PC 2002 platform

Microsoft has released Visual Studio .NET, the largest and most significant tool upgrade in the company's history

Full product and upgrade pricing for the three different versions of Visual Studio.NET

Michael Kinsley has stepped down as editor of Slate, Microsoft's general interest online magazine, and will assume a lower profile

Microsoft has released a beta version of the Java Language Conversion Assistant (JLCA), a developer tool that translates source code written in Java to C#