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Chart identifies some of the pros and cons of using Visual J# or the Java Language Conversion Assistant (JLCA) to migrate existing Java code to .NET

Commerce Server 2002 supports ASP.NET and the Visual Studio .NET development environment and offers other incremental improvements

Microsoft is downsizing UltimateTV and reorganizing the TV Division to focus exclusively on the Microsoft TV platform

XML will play a leading role in Microsoft's strategy to stir up server business and tie together its diverse and constantly growing product line

Lower prices for service providers who offer Microsoft apps for rent will bolster Microsoft’s hosting partners and maintain an important delivery channel for Web services based on .NET

Provides an example of how a 'Directions on Microsoft' Update article could be encoded into XML

Graphical illustration of how an XML processor checks that data within an XML document is 'well formed', provides an application access to XML data via APIs, and performs transformations of XML data

Provides an example of each of the two major ways to define rules for application-specific data formats: Document Type Definitions (DTDs) and XML schemas

Provides an example of how Web services can be used to integrate legacy applications over networksusing standard Internet protocols

Illustrates how applications can use multiple XML style sheets to customize the display of data on various devices and browser types