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Illustrates how applications can use multiple XML style sheets to customize the display of data on various devices and browser types

Diagrams how the .NET Framework's Windows Forms can be used to implement client-side presentation code that interacts with back-end Web Services

Illustrates how SQL Server and Microsoft's data access libraries enable an application to get query results in XML and update databases with XML messages

Diagrams organizational changes to Microsoft's TV-related businesses that occurred in late January 2002

AOL's lawsuit over Netscape presents the most significant legal threat to Microsoft since a judge's breakup order in June 2000

Microsoft released its first cumulative security hotfix package for Windows 2000 and updated a tool that helps administrators determine which hotfixes have been applied on a computer

Microsoft promoted some new vice presidents and changed the duties of others between Oct. 2001 and Jan. 2002

The Office XP Web Services Toolkit makes it easier for developers to access XML Web Services using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

Table of consumer desktop applications and hardware released between July 2001 and Jan. 2002

The program—which offers inexpensive software, customer referrals, and other benefits—is now open to hardware vendors and has added additional software for members