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To minimize conflicts with consulting partners, Microsoft will limit Microsoft Consulting Services to strategic accounts and projects

Microsoft has relaxed restrictions on OEM licenses for Windows XP, allowing it to be downgraded by users, reimaged to other PCs over a network, and offered on rental computers

IPSec offers a new way to improve network security and provide users and offices with remote access via the Internet, but the technology is complex and has limitations

Illustrates three main uses for Virtual Private Networks (VPNs): connecting remote branch offices, connecting remote-users, and securing untrusted private networks (e.g., 802.11b wireless LAN or a wired LAN in a physically insecure environment like a university campus)

Overview of the protocol that enables two IPSecdevices to authenticate each other, securely exchange shared 'session key' forencrypting and signing packets, and negotiate a mutually acceptable set of IPSecparameters

Illustrates the two ways one can configure IPSec to create Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) between end points

An overview of the Windows 2000 Group Policies that allow admininstrators to centrally control the IPSec options that apply to each particular computer in a Windows 2000 Active Directory domain

Illustrates the Microsoft software necessary to implement a Virtual Private Network (VPN) scenario involving a central facility, branch offices, remote users, and 802.11 wireless users

A patent issued to Microsoft Research in Dec. 2001 hints at how future Windows operating systems might significantly improve protection of copyrighted content

Microsoft plays behind-the-scenes role in Comcast's acquisition of AT&T Broadband; US$500 million invested in South Korean telephone company; Expedia sale delayed