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A summary of past efforts including Word 97 and Word 2000, Office 2000 Server Extensions, Index Server, Site Server 3.0, and Exchange Public Folders

A summary of Web Store, a repository for unstructured and semi-structured data built on top of Windows 2000's file system and used by Tahoe and Exchange 2000

Illustrates the inter-relationship between the main components of a Tahoe system, including IIS, Web Store, an index database, and the Microsoft Search engine

The fact that Windows 2000's use on the Web shows no weekend decline seems to indicate high home usage

The initiative, a combination of software and service offerings, is an attempt to drive .NET Enterprise Server sales by capitalizing on the young but quickly growing B2B market

Stung by political and legal setbacks that were missed by its technology-oriented radar, Microsoft has tackled government relations with money and personnel

A compact SQL Server 2000 Windows CE Edition allows enterprises to move relational database functionality to handheld mobile devices

A summary of products and services the E-Business Acceleration Initiative has to offer organizations of various sizes

Microsoft has quietly replaced the IE 5.5 download with IE 5.5 Service Pack 1 (SP1)

The programming environment and run time virtual machine & libraries are at the core of Microsoft's .NET initiative