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Microsoft is offering resellers free travel and gadgets for selling Windows 2000 server products and Client Access Licenses

The absence of Jet Engine DLLs in the SDK fuels speculation that the Jet Engine may soon be eliminated in favor of the Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE)

Details about upcoming UltimateTV service revealed; several networks plan to create enhanced TV programming; false advertising claim setted with the FTC

The application services provider industry is in flux, and MS is exploring many of the market’s new business models to determine if they could become good sales channels

A new strategy for MSN consolidates Microsoft-branded online services under a single umbrella and makes it more difficult for users to wander outside them

A new web-based admin console, enhancements to OS plumbing, and a new event consolidation & monitoring product promise to make .NET systems more manageable

New SDK incorporates Extended Markup Language (XML)-to-speech parsing and simplified programming

New add-on components provide Windows CE-based embedded systems with improved networking, XML, and multimedia support

A variety of separate programs and sources of information for Windows Embedded developers, partners, and customers have been consolidated and revised

The automobile initiative combines the .NET infrastructure & tools with WinCE for Automotive, a new Mobile Information Server, and MS and third-party-supplied telematic services