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An overview of new capabilities that make SQL Server 2000 more attractive for storing Web content or documents in knowledge management applications

A tutorial defining Extensible Markup Language (XML), schemas and languages for writing schemas, style sheets and the Extensible Style Sheet Language (XSL), and XPath (a query language for extracting information from XML source documents)

Overview of new application programming features including: cascading deletes and updates, enhanced triggers, Transact-SQL functions, new data types, and the Enhanced Query Analyzer

At WinHEC, Microsoft outlined the release schedule for 64-Bit Windows, Windows 2000 Whistler, and Windows 2000 Embedded

Timeline for future 64-bit, Whistler, and embedded versions of Windows

'Netscape Engineers are Weenies!' text embedded within Microsoft code is not a secret password

The SP1 beta, now available to MSDN subscribers, contains reliability, compatibility, and security fixes as well as some new features

The API technology acquired from I/O Software will provide Windows programmers with device-independent access to biometric devices

The service pack brings Terminal Server systems up to a patch level equivalent to that of NT 4.0 SP6

This upgrade is required for all SBS 4.0 customers who wish to migrate to SBS 2000 later