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Illustration shows the two tiers of capabilities Microsoft Defender for Endpoint offers on iOS and Android.

Widely publicized changes announced by Microsoft in a long blog post will help Cloud Solution Providers but will not change licensing terms for AWS, GCP, or Alibaba.

RDP Shortpath can reduce latency and improve responsiveness when connecting to remote desktops hosted in Azure Virtual Desktop, but currently only supports access using Windows client devices.

Illustration shows connection routing for Azure Virtual Desktop RDP sessions in normal and RDP Shortpath scenarios.

Support for Windows Server 20H2, the last version released through the Windows Server Semi-Annual Channel, has been extended to Aug. 2022.

Illustration shows the timeline of Office, Windows, and Office server versions as they leave support through 2025 and 2026.

A series of on-premises software will leave support in 2025 and 2026, pushing customers toward subscription-based software.

Customers can buy parts of Microsoft’s regulatory and legal compliance services for their frontline workers.

Managed Instance link, a feature that replicates SQL Server database to Azure SQL Managed Instance, can place data closer to users and assist migration, but has size and compatibility limits.

Dev Box is a service that can provide developers with quickly provisioned hosted Windows hardware and software tailored for development tasks.