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GitHub, acquired by Microsoft in 2018 and offered as both an online service and as on-premises software, provides an application life-cycle solution with developer productivity tools; free for limited types of use, otherwise licensed via a combination of user subscriptions, consumption-based charges, and other fees.

A SA (Software Assurance) benefit specific to core licenses for SQL Server that provides a discount for various types of SQL Server-based workloads hosted in Azure.

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A procedure that allows Red Hat and SUSE Linux customers to apply subscription licenses acquired from these vendors to cover use of these OSs within Azure VM-based workloads.

Roadmap for the Azure Deployment Environments service.

Timeline for Azure Management, Backup, and Development services.

A collection of SA (Software Assurance) benefits specific to core licenses for Windows Server; the main benefits substantially reduce the cost of running Windows Server-based workloads in Microsoft's Azure cloud.

The primary database and file and log storage provider for Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents, Power Pages, Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement apps, and Project for the Web; licensed via purchase of services that use it, augmented with capacity-based add-ons.

Chart compares major Azure container hosting services.

Sensor Data Intelligence is no longer being sold but is still supported; Microsoft states a change in technical and product strategy is the reason, but the future remains unclear.