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Recent attacks against Microsoft's internal corporate network and public Web servers have hurt the company's reputation and productivty

One of the five largest record companies will use Windows Media Format for commercial downloads

New financial and catalog publishing services underscore bCentral's evolving roles as an application service provider for small businesses and as a showcase for .NET

Microsoft is trying to make MSN more appealing to advertisers by offering new types of interactivity and animation in ads

Microsoft's first experiment with per-use licensing--charging people each time they use a product--is underway at some Internet cafes in Europe and North America

Describes the need to coordinate information across multiple directories, why it is a tough issue to tackle, and the basic strategies for addressing the challenge

Illustrates the three main components of Microsoft Metadirectory Services

How the Microsoft Metadirectory Services (MMS) can be used to assist with the rollout and ongoing management of Active Directory

With Beta 1, MS is looking for customer feedback on new features as well as feedback on the upgrade experience

Internet companies can now purchase a special version of Microsoft's top support package, Premier Support