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Diagrams the inter-relationships between the four major components of the .NET Framework--the Common Language Runtime, class libraries, programming languages, and ASP.NET

Explains the various uses for scripting--writing dynamic Web pages, adding custom features to applications, and automating operating system administrative tasks--and which types of scripts will be supported within the .NET Framework

A short overview of the scaled-down version of the .NET Framework to be supported by Windows CE devices

A comparison of the missions and architectures for the two competing application development platforms, and the main considerations for choosing between the two

A summary of the toolkits and components Microsoft is making available to allow developers to create Web services on the current platform (Visual Studio 6.0 and Windows APIs)

Examines each server product and the level of .NET technologies it supports or utilizes

Explores the formidable array of challenges Microsoft faces--including internal organizational constraints, customer resistance, and and legal considerations

Tight integration of Windows Media Player 8 with Windows XP is part of Microsoft's effort to establish the Windows Media Format as the de facto standard for digital audio & video

The acquisition will allow Microsoft to offer products that make it easier for Web site operators to manage the content of complex sites involving large teams of authors and reviewers

A summary of the major features in NCompass Resolution 4.0, a Web site content management product acquired by Microsoft