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Employee attrition rose last fiscal year, but still remains at about half the industry average

Comments by Steve Ballmer made at the July 27, 2000 Financial Analyst Meeting

The repurchase program, suspended after the Dec 1999 Visio acquisition in accordance with SEC rules, is resuming

A list of all of the most current NetWare connectivity products for Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4.0

SP1 fixes 270 bugs, including minor security holes, hardware compatibility problems, performance issues, and various obscure system crashes and resource leaks

The product is expected to ship in the fourth quarter and will have an estimated retail price of US$2,999 per processor

The release of Services for NetWare 5.0 gives NetWare shops running Novell Directory Services the tools needed to migrate their servers to Windows 2000 and Active Directory

The site provides an annotated index to papers on building and managing e-commerce Web sites and applications

The Standard and Deluxe Editions of Microsoft's personal financial management software are shipping

eLabor, a privately-held project management ISV, will engage in joint software development with Microsoft, host Project as an ASP, an receive investment funds from MS and others