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The goals and architecture of the .NET Framework--a set of APIs, services, and languages that will offer developers a more reliable, simple, and Web-aware base than Win32

A detailed look at Microsoft's new Per-Processor pricing model, which applies to a subset of server applications, and its ramifications for customers

By evolving its TV platform to support voice, videoconferencing, and data, Microsoft hopes to sell high-end servers to telcos, cable companies, and satellite operators

Targeted at novice users, regardless of which Internet Access Provider they use, the client software is designed to compete with AOL on ease-of-use

The toolkit provides a wizard and library for turning COM/COM+ applications into SOAP-enabled Web services, and for building client applications that use the services

A tutorial explaining firewall and caching features often found in proxy servers

Describes the main elements of the BizTalk Framework--BizTalk document specification, SDK, and Schema Repository--and how they relate to BizTalk Server

Diagrams how BizTalk server relates to the two other main products in Microsoft's electronic commerce strategy: Commerce Server (for business-to-consumer commerce) and the bCentral hosting service (for small businesses)

Diagrams who BizTalk Server receives an inbound message from a source application and sends one or more outbound messages to destination applications

Overview of the tools, built-in components, and APIs BizTalk Server offers for delivery (secure transport of messages), message processing (analyzing and building messages), and document processing (routing and converting business documents)