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A new IE 5.5 beta provides "cookie" management features that give users control over how sites track their use of the Internet, but other security & privacy concerns remain

Illustrates how Internet advertising agencies use cookies to track an individual’s use of multiple sites across the Web

Explains what cookies are, how they work, and the ways they are used by Web sites and Internet advertising agencies

The beta SDK supports the latest version of the Windows Speech API which is simpler and more fault-tolerant than its predecessor but not backward-compatible

The 4th generation of Handheld PCs, powered by CE 3.0, will arrive in Fall 2000 from HP, NEC, and MainStreet Networks

Harris Interactive dismissed its lawsuit after Microsoft agreed to allow e-mail from Harris to reach Hotmail users

MongoMusic’s Web site queries users for their favorite music and then uses the music’s style--such as tempo and mood--to locate unfamiliar titles the user is likely to enjoy

Microsoft is forging ahead with plans to shift its certified experts to Windows 2000 rapidly, and to tighten up qualification, even if that means fewer experts

Lists the set of tests required by the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MSCE) program for Windows 2000 certification and for the older Windows NT 4.0 certification

Contrasts the two editions of the product--Exchange 2000 Server and Exchange 2000 Enterprise Server--and provides pricing & licensing details