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New program offers Microsoft products to universities for instructional use at nominal fee

Windows 2000 and Exchange 2000 now allow organizations to create a secure yet cost-effective infrastructure to support telecommuters and remote workers

Application Center includes a Web server extension (called a request forwarding component) that enables some types of Web apps designed for a single machine to run unaltered in an NLB cluster

An overview of Microsoft's various clustering technologies and which are supported by Application Center

Illustrates how Component Load Balancing spreads activation of COM+ components across a cluster of component servers

A summary of development, deployment, and execution technologies included with Visual Studio 6.0, Application Center 2000, and Windows 2000

A screen shot of the Application Center console, which brings together cluster status and performance information from both the Application Center logging and HealthMonitor monitoring systems

App Center makes Windows 2000 a stronger candidate for hosting large-scale Web apps, but will need major changes to support future OSs and other upcoming technologies

Cliff Reeves has been hired as vice president of marketing in the Windows.NET Server Product Management Group

Long overdue software allows NT 4 desktops on Windows 2000 Server-based networks to take advantage of Active Directory features